Sprinkler System Installations:

Hill Country Rainmakers recognizes that although each site is unique, all superior sprinkler systems possess the same features:

  • An efficient, custom design
  • Quality components
  • Methodical installation by experienced professionals

Each sprinkler system design begins with a site visit by one of our Design Professionals. The site is measured and an inventory of any existing vegetation is identified. Once a scaled drawing of the site is complete, we prepare an efficient sprinkler system design utilizing water supply and pressure, soil type, planting materials and weather conditions. It is important to remember that a system must be customized to best suit your property requirements. Your watering schedule will also be planned to minimize waste caused by runoff, wind drift and evaporation. We design our systems to put down the maximum amount of water evenly in the shortest amount of time. While other sprinkler heads may seem to cover a greater distance, they may not be putting down enough volume of water. In drought situations, where watering times are limited, this aspect becomes extremely important.

Hill Country Rainmakers Inc. uses only quality components in our sprinkler systems including Rain Bird and Hunter heads, valves, nozzles, controllers and rain sensors. We install Febco or Watts brass backflow prevention devices and all of our underground drip line is made by Netafim. All our systems are fully guaranteed to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for three years from the date of installation.

At Hill Country Rainmakers We Do It Right: The First Time. Our installation begins with obtaining all appropriate permits and identifying all existing underground utilities. Our trained installation teams take the time to ensure that our pipe trenches meet or exceed the minimum depths and are free from rocks and other debris that can damage pipes in the future. We carefully hand dig around existing vegetation to minimize the disturbance to your landscape. Once installed, each zone is observed and each nozzle is hand adjusted to ensure your system is performing at its peak. Your controller is programed to water each zone efficiently based on your landscape and any current watering restrictions. One of our trained professionals will demonstrate the proper use of the controller and will provide a written maintenance checklist and a copy of your sprinkler system design plan.

Sprinkler System Repair and Renovations:

Hill Country Rainmakers can repair your sprinkler system. All of our technicians are trained in all aspects of sprinkler system repair including:

  • pipe breaks
  • valve repair and/or replacement
  • valve locating
  • wire breaks
  • nozzle cleaning and/or replacement
  • sprinkler head replacement
  • controller programing and replacement
  • adjusting heads for proper coverage
  • moving sprinkler heads
  • backflow preventer repairs and installations

Hill Country Rainmakers technicians focus on fixing your problem right the first time and providing superior customer service.
In addition, Hill Country Rainmakers can renovate your existing system. We can modify your existing sprinkler system for the following:

  • Pool / Deck Re-routes
  • New Trees, Sod or Beds
  • Flower Gardens
  • Converting from/to Drip
  • Water Conservation Measures
  • Automated Controllers
  • Splitting / Adding Zones

Backflow Preventer Testing and Repair:

Hill Country Rainmakers’ Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester can test or repair your backflow prevention device. Water safety is serious business. Regular testing by a qualified tester is an essential part of protecting yourself and your community from the contamination of our drinking water. There are several types of testable backflow prevention assemblies in use. The most commonly used are double check valves, pressure vacuum breakers and reduced pressure zone assemblies. Hill Country Rainmakers can perform the required test and provide certification to you and your water supplier.

Sprinkler system Maintenance:

Hill Country Rainmakers provides many options for sprinkler system maintenance. Like your car, your sprinkler system performs best when it is properly maintained. Common maintenance includes inspecting and adjusting spray heads, controller programming, system winterization and spring start up, backflow device testing, etc. Our professionals can provide monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly services for your sprinkler system.