Hill Country Rainmakers offers landscape design and installation for both Residential and Commercial properties. Each landscape we construct is a unique reflection our client's personality relative to their property. This is accomplished through careful listening and observation. We will develop a written plan, constructing the landscape according to that plan. This is achieved through collaboration with the client, designer and our talented, professional crews. In addition, we maintain a relationship with many talented outdoor professionals and can provide design and installation services for decks, pools, outdoor kitchens, fencing, lighting, etc.


Residential landscaping has changed with the times. Once viewed as an unessential investment, today many homeowners consider landscaping a critical element of their home’s value and design. Smart, efficient landscaping offers a strong first impression. The range of the tasks we perform range from a simple, single tree installation to comprehensive, total property transformations. With our thorough knowledge of horticulture, Central Texas weather, outstanding design skills, and installation expertise, our team of landscape designers is able to provide you with a beautiful landscape plan tailored to your wishes and needs. Every landscape design begins with a thorough investigation of the site, bearing in mind the soil, grading, and changing weather conditions. Many of our projects use native plants, primarily because of water conservation and environmental benefits, while focusing on the importance of a visually pleasing design and color palette. Drought resistant landscape designs using native trees, grasses and succulents can help solve irrigation issues and keep irrigation and maintenance costs in check. Native plants also tend to be hardier and can better withstand the ever-changing weather conditions of Central Texas.

Our landscape designs often incorporate other natural elements including stone and pond-less water features. Each landscape design is planned to seamlessly integrate with your home’s exterior and any desired or existing features like swimming pools and outdoor living areas. Our landscape designers pay special attention to boundaries and pathways created by plants, plant texture and form, and color combinations to create beautiful foliage focal points that complement your home.

Residential design services include:

  • A meeting at your residence with one of our landscape designers to define the scope and budget for your landscaping.
  • Site analysis of your property, included but not limited to measuring, identifying good and bad views, location of utilities, etc.
  • The designer then prepares a landscape plan based on the information and ideas provided by you.
  • Meeting with the potential client to present the design, discuss the materials to be used and a start date for the project.


Hill Country Rainmakers can provide commercial landscape design and installation services as a member of your team working closely with commercial sites to follow each city's landscape requirements. Each city is different in its requirements for their landscaping. Some require much more, requiring a certain amount of trees and shrubbery for each property. In providing landscaping for commercial properties, pricing and maintenance are the main priorities, as well as looking great once the project is landscaped. Hill Country Rainmakers' highly trained employees specialize in Commercial Landscape Installation and have extensive experience working with contractors.

Hill Country Rainmakers utilizes native plantings and low maintenance planting whenever possible. Our goal is to minimize future maintenance costs and eliminate the unnecessary costs of redoing work that should have been done right the first time. We install commercial landscaping that enhances your company's exterior image, and pleases everyone who works or visits your location.